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My name is Viktor Strate Kløvedal, i'm studying computer science at The University of Southern Denmark. I am a self-taught programmer, and I have in many years developed and designed websites, both in my spare time, as well as professionally.




+45 23 86 63 20

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I have been programming in 7 years in my spare time. I know how to program using the web languages PHP and Javascript, but also C++, Swift and Java.

If you have problems with your website, after an update. Then I might be able to help you getting it up and running again.

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Wordpress Development

I know about the structure and internal functions of Wordpress, as well as knowledge of developing plugins and themes.

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Web Designer

I can help you make a unique site, that can not be made with a template.


Screenshot of the product page for Crystal Rainbow

Crystal Rainbow

The webshop for Crystal Rainbow is designed from scratch. Products are shown in a gallery, with animations when changing to the next image.

Designed for jh-line

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Rosenmetoden.org is built with Wordpress and a customized theme.

Along with presenting information about the organisation, the site also includes a list of all members. With a login system, each member can change their public profile.